Model Update creates two shortcuts for previously deleted entity

It looks like the Model Update process is creating two shortcuts for an entity that was previously deleted. Let me see if I can list the steps I’m using to generate the issue:

  1. Reverse engineer an Oracle 10g schema using default options.
  2. Save RE model.
  3. Delete an entity that has a relationship in the model.
  4. Save the model.
  5. Select Model->Model Update
  6. Use the same selections as in Step #1.
  7. Synchronize all differences to update existing model.
  8. Notice that the entity you deleted in step #3 now has two shortcuts in the newly merged model.

Is there a reason two shortcuts to the same entity would be created as part of this process?

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Unfortunately, this is a bug. Good news - it’s already been fixed for next Beta 3.2.2. (Registered under CR # 49 135)