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Model differences not appearing in comparison or alter


I could be doing something wrong, but when I compare two models, the comparison dialog doesn’t show entities that have been deleted between models. Here’s an example:

  1. Open the videorental sample
  2. Save the videorental sample as another model
  3. Rename the saved model to something else. (Model ->Model Properties->General)
  4. Open both models and delete the Exemplar and Customer Rating entities in the renamed model.
  5. Save the changes to the renamed model.
  6. Compare the changed model to the original model and notice that Exemplar and Customer Rating do not show as differences in the Entity tree view
    **For some reason they appear as differences Workspaces->All items -> Shape List tree view. Shouldn’t these be showing as Entity differences?
    **If you were to generate an Alter script, you will see that the script is blank.


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The behaviour is OK.

Because you pressed DEL and not SHIFT-DEL.

DEL only removes entity from workspace. It does not delete it from model.
So that the difference is only in workspace and not entity list.
Open up model explorer, you will find removed entities there.

Several discussions are on this issue already in forum.

Try it again, but this time press SHIFT-DELETE.



That’s it.

What you see in WS are just shortcuts of objects. If you press Delete, you remove only shortcut, however object remains in the model.

Shortcuts feature allows you to have multiple representatives of the same objects in several WS or the same WS etc.

More info in the Help file:




Ah! Thank you so much.