When I Reverse Engineering only part of our database (only 4 tables out of 122) on MSFT SQL Server 2005:

  1. the cursor never changes to an hour glass letting me know it is processing.
  2. Once completed it can take up to an hour to allow me to access the model. HD light remains on. This on a Pentium 2 Quad and 6 Gig RAM (x64) system.
  3. Seems to lock up in many circumstances and I use the task manager to shutdown the application.

Is there a bug or memory issue with this version?


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your message. Let me reply/ask.

  1. The cursor changes to an hour glass when you point your mouse cursor to the area of selecting tables in the wizard.
    The see details of the process, please select the Show Log option in the RE Wizard.
    (Note: The messages are also displayed in Message Explorer.)

2.+ 3. We tested RE MS SQL 2005 (4 tables) on our testing server and it took less than a minute. Definitely, it shouldn’t take an hour.

Please provide us with the following information:
a) What is the last message in the Log area before the problem occurs? (Last message of the process is DONE. Before this, there are messages such as Reversing views, Reversing triggers… etc. What is the one in your case?)
b) Please let us know what settings you have on pages Options and What to Reverse. We need to know what settings you selected on the pages, if you left the default setting etc. (If you made more changes, you can send us screenshots of the pages.)
c) Is there anything specific on tables you are reversing? Anything we should know about?
d) When you try to reverse other tables (different from those four), does the problem also occur?

Note: Sometimes it happens that the RE process is finished but the message box is hidden behind. To display it please press ALT+Tab to another application and then back to TDM. We know it is not your case but want to let you know about it.

All the details will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for them.
(If you need to send us more screenshots etc., you can also write us to

We look forward to hearing from you.


Vladka + TDM Team