Multiple datasets on one report

Can a report support multiple resultsets/datasets? I’m creating a consoldiated report that is the result of diff. queries and not sure how to get the different result sets onto a report.

Currently the Toad Data Reports do not support multiple datasets. This is planned for our 3.0 release.

For that type of report I would build an Excel report and export to different worksheets or cell locations on the same sheet.


Has this functionality been made available to Toad Data Point I have created a Toad Data Report and I am now needing to add another dataset to this same report. I am unable to figure out how to add a second dataset to the same report.

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Hi Crystal,

so far i know we don’t support multiple datasets in one Data Report.

Maybe the subquery is all you need.

With regards Jakub.K.

There are subreports but there seems to be some issues with this. Subreprots are on the Data report tool bar. You can also merge together separate reports into one report using the Toad Data report automation activity

Thank you so much for the quick response.

I have went with using subreports to accomplish what I need, however, I have run into another hurdle that I cannot figure out. I have my main report and 2 subreports in that main report. I am needing the data from second subreport to display on the first subreport if the ID that I am grouping on is the same between the two subreports, if that makes sense. For example: I have a list of charges in one subreport and a list of courses in another subreport for students with a page break between each student. I need the list of courses to display on the same page with the list of charges where the student ID is the same.

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In that case it sounds like you need to have two result sets that have master detail relationship. In this case i would go to Tools | Reports | Data reports. When you start from this path you enter the sql instead of loaded from a data grid. Here you can add more than one sql adn define the relationship column(s). this will load Toad Data Report with a dataset containing more than one table with relationship. you will see this looks different in the Report table/column viewer as one table will be nested inside the other.

You can also add extra sql and define relationships on the Data tab in the report editor. the related tables will show in the field editor

subreports are reports that are completely self contained. The above will allow for multiple result sets in the same subquery.

Hi, is there anywhere where this is documented? Ive tried doing this with no such luck.

Hi elle,
does this topic help you?

There are also several blogs on Toad World related to Data Report in TDP. Maybe some of them should be helpful too