Multiple Object Compare?

I know we have Single Object Compare, but is there a way of comparing multiple objects at once - or automating the comparisons so I can just provide a list?

My current requirement is that I need to compare about 30 tables in two different databases with slight differences in the names. Something like:


Is there a way of doing this in TOAD? Something like the Data Compare in Toad For Data Analysts that allows me to save my comparison set as well.



There is no way of doing that now, but if others like the idea, I can put it on
the to-do list.

if others like the idea, I can put it on the to-do list.
Please, do.

you can export them both and do a diff…
ableit …not a very elegant solution (and somewhat painful)

other solutions?
Martin Gainty

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Why can’t we compare list of objects that are retrieved by simple sql (i.e. SELECT ‘OBJ1’, ‘OBJ2’… from DUAL) and use it for source compare and then on the other side same names or even better as a list as well, where obey corresponding number in the list (i.e. from source nr correspondent to nr 5 on destination list)-for fully customized version.
Of course this would only define names while other part (obj type) should remain the same.