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Multiple or recursive sessions by Toad

Hi All,

I am Toad for Oracle. I login to database as custom admin user named DBA which has a profile with below limits.

create profile DBA limit
sessions_per_user 2 <------------------------------ only 2
cpu_per_session 999999999
cpu_per_call unlimited
connect_time 525600
idle_time 3600
logical_reads_per_session 999999999
logical_reads_per_call unlimited
composite_limit unlimited
private_sga 1073741824
failed_login_attempts 3

When I login via sqlplus I do not get any errors or issue, but when I login via Toad I get ORA-02391 exceeded simultaneous sessions_per_user limit.

For you information "resource_limit " is TRUE and more than two session in sqlplus also fails which is expected

Are there any Toad Document / manual saying the Toad will recursively mention that will create recursive/multiple sessions.

Based on that I can present to our internal audit and modify the limit accordingly.



I don’t know if it’s officially documented anywhere, but it is normal for Toad to create background sessions. There are options to control some of them, in Toad’s main options window (Look under Oracle -> Transactions)