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DBA set Database Session Limit to One

I am looking for verbiage to help our DBA understand the level of impact to our Toad users because he has set the Session Limits to One per user. While it is understandable he made this decision in order to secure the database. We need to make him understand how it has impacted the developers and analysts who use the Toad tool. So, I’m hoping someone with extensive knowledge of Toad can describe that impact in terms easy to understand.

Thanks in advance!!

If you go to Options -> Transactions and set:

  • Execute queries in threads (Unchecked)
  • Execute scripts in Toad session (checked)
  • Session for Explain Plan (Main Toad Session)
    and then go to Options -> Display, and uncheck everything under “Object Name highlighting”

…then for the most part, Toad will only create one session. But some of those options are nice to have, so if you want them checked, then there’s what you need extra sessions for.

One exception would be debugging. We have to create a separate session when you debug code. And the Database Health Check creates its own session if you use it. There might be a few other things that I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Limiting to a few sessions would probably be a lot easier on the developers, but still give the DBA a little peace of mind.