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ERROR: Not enough timers available

We recently had a change to our settings where we are only allowed ‘1 Concurrent User Session’ amongst other security changes. We previously and still do have batch jobs scheduled to run within TOAD from our Windows Scheduler to PeopleSoft (Oracle).

We are not experiencing a unique error of “ERROR: Not enough timers available” in which some jobs show as initiated but are never run or failed. I do not know if our above changes are the cause but has anyone encountered such an error?

Below is a screen shot of the error:

Your screen shot didn’t come through. A bit of googling tells me that the “Not enough timers available” message can be thrown when the actual problem is something else. Can you remove the “1 Concurrent User Session” restriction and see if the error goes away?

Thank you John. Sorry about the image. That is our next step since we did not initiate the request to reduce the concurrent users we are trying to see our leverage to do so. That is when this started so it makes sense that it may indeed be the culprit. Thanks again. I’ll try to repost if that turns out to be the cause.