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Multiple Scripts in Reports Manager

I’m having a demand for centralized scripting in a single report. I currently use Automation Desing with centralized scripts in a txt file. Is it possible to put multiple scripts (from different views) into a single Report Manager report? I could only put script from a single data source.


Right now, the only form of multiple SQLs in a report is if they are in a master-detail relationship. There’s no way to put multiple unrelated queries in the same report. I can put that in my to-do list though.

Thanks for the feedback, John.

This functionality would be very important for a number of situations, for example, an health check or some other set of administration issue and report.

If you can put it on the to-do list, it would be of great benefit.

OK, Jose, this will be supported in the next beta. I wrote up a short blog about how it will work here.