Combining multiple scripts into one script in toad for oracle

I am new to Toad Oracle, its a learning curve for me. I have created a project in Toad for Oracle, in the project I have added folder/file which specify the location of my scripts. This would show all my scripts in toad for oracle in this way I wont have to copy and paste the scripts individually. So my question now is in order to run the script at once is there a way to drag and drop each script from the project into the same query editor window so I would have multiple scripts (using semi comma ; ) to separate them and run them in the query editor page once.
I have tired this but it keeps overwriting it when i drag and drop each script below one another in the same query editor.
I hope there is a way or a key short cut to do this, if it does the job this is going to be fantastic.

I don't see a way to get multiple scripts from project manager to the same tab in editor to run all at once but you can use Script Manager for something like that. See below.

Thank you so so much. May I please ask where to find this in Toad Data point? Thank you for your help.

I have no idea. They have their own forum here: You'll have to ask there.

Thanks so much John, I have found it in Toad for Oracle. I will check the other forum