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My Favourite Schema - select multiple?

I like the new feature to be able to quickly select from a list of favourites when filtering the SB LHS Tabbed interface:

But would it be possible to multi-select from that list of favourites?



Can you be more specific? What are you doing in Toad that you want to select multiple schemas?

It sounds like you want to be able to select a couple of schemas in the dropdown and see objects for those schemas in the SB. Is that it?

Currently, the only way to do that is to go into the SB Filter.

Hi John, yes, selecting more than one “favourite” schema in the dropdown is what I was thinking about. I hadn’t thought about the Includes option in the filter - I’d been using the “all but SYS” option but Includes would probably be better.

I still like the multi select option in the dropdown idea (for ease of use) but there is a pretty good work around in the filter.

Hi Richard,

I like the idea of being able to multiselect from the dropdown. I’m not
sure how it would work though. The way it works now is that the selected item in
the dropdown changes as soon as you move your mouse over it, and as soon as you
click, it closes up. So I guess you would hold down CTRL to multiselect, but
then when you move your mouse and select another, how do you tell it you are
‘done’ so the dropdown closes up? Click without holding CTRL?
Normally that’s what you do when you want to undo the multiselection. So
what I can’t get straight in my head is how it would work click-wise.

One thought I had is what if you could select one of the groups? So,
“Favorites”, or any other category you create, would be

If I allowed that, I would probably have to push your selection into the filter.
I’m not sure if that would be behind the scenes, or what. But the filter
would be involved for sure.


When I originally thought of the “My favourite schema” idea I was thinking of the creation of groups so that they could be applied in more than one place. The ideal candidate was of course the SB but I could also see it being useful in the Object Search as well (and possibly others?)

It would be easy to add your schema categories to the popup menu when you
rt-click in the “Schemas” box of the object search.

It’s already in every other schema drop-down in Toad, so there probably
aren’t many other places to apply it. Handling of multiselect (or select
category) would have to be done on a Toad-window-by-Toad-window basis.