Feature request for schema browser

Hi all,

for me it would be a smart little feature to have a filter, which of the DB's schemas sholud be offered to choose in the schema browser. Because I get all user schemas presented, the list is very long. If I could define a filter like "Schema does not contain @" I could suppress all user schemas from the dropdown list.

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Right-click the schema drop-down and choose "customize".

There is all sorts of grouping and filtering you can do in there. Whatever you set up in there will apply to all schema dropdowns throughout Toad.

Do this to hide Schemas with an '@'

Great :slight_smile:

It seems I never right-clicked the dropdown... Why should I... :wink:

Because Toad has lots of little treasure buried in places like that. :smiley:

:+1:t2: In future I will click like crazy :wink:

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