Filter schema browser multiple criteria

In SQL developer you can have multiple criteria in a filter, is it possible to do that in Toad or to add such capability ?

It is possible... see snap below. Having said that, Dev may want to take note... what Esko shows is easier for users than attempting to change the filter query itself.

Thanks, I will have a look tomorrow when I am back at work.

At first I did not find the dialog as I clicked the dropdown, before realizing that I must click the button, it should be possible to open also from dropdown if you ask me.
The existing functionality feels over complicated in my view.

I would love if you could implement a filter such as in SQL developer as that is more suitable for my way of working


Thanks for suggestions here... Quest Dev will take a looksie...

You can separate multiple filters in Toad by a semicolon, like this:

You can also use semicolons in what I call the "big" filter. You don't have to click the dropdown arrow, you can just click the button.

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