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[MySQL] Stored Procedure SQL preview


Stored Procedure Properties / SQL preview shows nothing.




Hello Michal,

We’ve checked it out - TDM (verified also in Windows 7 OS), MySQL 5.0 and 5.1. It works fine for us.
Does the problem occur for new procedures too?
Could you please remember the steps you took before?
Any screenshots?

Please try the following:

  1. Close TDM.
  2. Delete the TDM.txe file.
    Default path is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Installation number\Configs
  3. Run TDM.

Does it help?

Thanks for the details.


Vladka + TDM Team


I’ve tried it on another TDM installation, and indeed it works.

Issue I’ve reported appeared in project imported from CS2. I’ll do some more investigations and let you know about results.

best regards


Hi Michal again,

Just a note: When you clear the Procedures checkbox in the DDL Script Generation dialog | What to Generate tab (+ Save Settings), the SQL Preview tab in the Procedure Properties dialog will be empty.




Yes. It can be the reason.
In that case I think it is incorret behavior.

Preview should be always available, especialy while defining SQL using GUI items instead of putting complete code.

Best regards.


Hi Michal,

thank you for your feedback. Let me write you more information about why it works the way it works :slight_smile:

Settings defined on DDL Script Generation dialog affect SQL preview tabs on other forms: For examle, if you disable the “Triggers” item under “Entities” on tab “What to Generate” and then edit any entity (focus on SQL Preview tab) you will see SQL code only for the entity - and not for triggers that belong to that entity.

Another example: in Oracle models you can edit relationships and specify settings for automatic generation of indexes to FK. On tab “Detail Settings” of the “DDL Script Generation” dialog you can check the “Create Indexes to Foreign Keys” item. When you enable/disable this option, SQL preview on Relationship Properties dialog will be affected too.

This is something what other users required because this way thay can better see how the output will look like. In case you disable the generation of SQL procedures, SQL preview will be empty - because no code will be generated in final output.




I understand your point very well.

I just described situation in which I would like to see preview of the item when it is ‘clicked down’ instead of written. It is helpful for developer who need to verify if ‘clicked down’ item is correct and/or equal to his concept. Using DDL generator for this including selecting options (sometimes different than in regular generation) makes the work more complicated.

I left this issue open for your decision. I would be glad to see improvements from developer’s like me point of view.

Thank you for discussion
Best regards


Hi Michal,

thanks. I thought you found that behavior incorrect because you didn’t know details about situations when this could be useful.

Because there are two options:

  1. keep current behavior (use settings from DDL Script Generation dialog)
  2. ignore settings on tab DDL Script Generation and show SQL preview always complete

and both options makes sense in some cases, it seems to be ideal case for making a new option (switch) in TDM Settings. But if we made this new option I guess we would limit you, because the option would have to be too general (similar for all target databases). Now you can easily set the settings to e.g. work with SPs, Entities, automatically generate indexes to FK and see all the settings on SQL preview tabs, but in the same time you can set Triggers to be ignored - also for SQL preview. This gives you more flexibility because you can define options for selected target database in detail.

Have a nice day,



As you said, it depends on way a developer works.
For me, for example, final DDL generation it the final step and simply I don;t want to check it often.

I have a quick suggestion. add some single click item like button/checkbox (not combo box) with meaning: force preview to SQL preview window.
It will make possible to switch between final DDL script generator and full DDL of single item

thanx for your time.
best regards

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