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Selected statement unselects after running

I’m using 7.0.1 and have a number of statements in an editor window. I’ll select one to run and hit F9 or the green arrow button. It correctly runs. However, if I simply hit run again or change tabs and change back, despite the fact that it looks like that statement is still highlighted, it will now run the entire page as if nothing were highlighted. I believe what is happening is that it may be putting the focus on the results grid rather than in the editor window so the text, despite being highlighted in grey is not really select (which is typically highlighted in blue). I’ve tried toggling the preference “Cursor stays in the script after execution” under Code Editor/SQL Scripts with no affect. Is there a preference I’m missing or is this a bug/change in operation from previous versions?

Hi Mark,

The workflow in v7.0 is a little different compared with 6.7.

After running one of those queries, this statement will be highlighted but NOT selected, they are in different colors as you can see. The workaround is to go back to scripts tab, that query will be selected as you expected in scripts tab.

Let us know how you go with it, thanks.



Now I’m with you. I don’t know that I had particularly noticed the scripts tab before. I do find that easier than clicking in the upper window and having to select the specific script I want again. Thanks.