Navigator 6.1.0 New Stored Object problem

When trying to create new procedure or other DB object
Navigator 6.1.0 gives ORA-00942 table or view does not exist

Problem is when user has SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE, Navigator internally uses
USER$ table, but this role does not give privileges for using USER$ table, it only gives ability to use dba_users table.

TRACE shows :
SELECT username,user_id,created,default_tablespace,temporary_tablespace,
TO_DATE(NULL) lock_date,TO_DATE(NULL) expiry_date,NULL external_name,
‘OPEN’ account_status,NULL initial_rsrc_consumer_group,PROFILE,
u2.PASSWORD FROM.SYS.dba_users u1 LEFT JOIN SYS.user$ u2 ON u1.user_id = u2.USER#
WHERE u1.username LIKE :user_name
ORDER BY u1.username

when user has no SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE - Navigator uses all_users view

TRACE shows :
select username,user_id,created,null default_tablespace,
null temporary_tablespace,to_date(null) lock_date,to_date(null) expiry_date,
null external_name,null account_status,null initial_rsrc_consumer_group,
null profile,null password from all_users where username like :user_name
order by username

Enable using DBA dictionary views does not solve problem.


It is a known issue with the current 6.1 release. This issue has beenfixed in our current v6.2 Beta build 1478. Could you please download the Beta build and let us know if you are happy with the fix.

Please referthe Beta build announcement for more info

Thanks and regards,