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Hi all,

until Toad 12.7 there was this great option to select the viewable elements in the navigator.

Where has it gone?

reason: just because I’m usually not too interested to see all my constants, vars, types, etc. in the navigator panel…

best regards Chris

btw: I didn’t find anything about this issue in the forums (ok, maybe I searched the wrong terms ;-))

There have been many complaints over the years about the speed of the navigator populating. The poor speed was due in part to the overly complex set of options there dictating what is shown and how items are ordered. It has been simplified a lot and speed is now a non-issue. I’ve logged a to-do item for the next version of Toad. I’m thinking introducing a few checkboxes for packages would suffice. Like a) Show procs/func b) Show variable declarations (this would include constants, etc.) c) Show type declarations.


This is in place for 12.10 and will be in the next beta. Three options for PL/SQL elements have been added. Show declarations, show procedures, and show declarations. Declarations cover var, const, type, and exception declarations.


It would be nice if node expansion could be set per PL/SQL element.

I would like to have declarations and types collapsed, parameters and procedures like it is (default).