Need an output window per query

I would really like to see an output/results window for each query like SSMS does. Only having one output window is painful.

If this is configurable, please advise

In Editor, If I highlight 2 queries (each query ending with a semi-colon) and press F5 (run as script), I get the output of each query in a separate grid.

And if you hit the + to add another query, can you still see the results of those queries after executing a new one?

@siby.thomas’s suggestion is as close as you can get to what you’re asking for within a single Editor tab. You cannot add new query result grids after execution with F5. The alternative is to use a new Editor tab per query and execute using F9.

There are a few differences between normal execution (F9) and script execution (F5). Script execution will fetch all records so memory may be a concern with large datasets. F9 will fetch records in manageable blocks and use only the memory required for the records fetched thus far.