Need help in Customizing the Visual chart

Currently the chart is being prepared with help of Python, now we need to generate the same from Visualization feature in TOAD Data point and automate.

I can able to create simple chart from grid, but i would like to customize the default one.

My data is very simple, eg: Employee#, Revenue last month, Revenue current month. The chart should be count of employees against each revenue Bucket or Interval.

Count of Employee should go in Y axis with Intervals 5 or 10, and the Revenue Intervals in X axis (with 100$ Million interval) with Bar or Stacked Bar type.

The problem is my chart takes the Revenue into Y axis and Employee # in X axis which i don’t want, and instead of emp# i want the count of employees under that revenue range.

Appreciate any help

Hello Razima,

Can you please attach sample data and possibly a screenshot of the chart you were able to achieve?

Also please clarify what designer are you using to create the chart - is it the pivot grid editor? Or did you use the “Chart designer” from teh “Send to” menu after right clicking on the data grid?

What does it mean “Count of employees” “with intervals 5 or 10”?


Hello Martin,

Please find attached the screenshot and sample data.

The Y axis would be kind of no of people or no of regions that falls under particular revenue range.

And X axis is the Revenue, I used send to Visualization from Data grid. I hope both are same.

Please let me know if need more information.


Actually it is Histogram, i don’t have much exp in creating Chart/Histogram. Noticed recently there is “Histogram Tool” option from the Grid Right click, and it takes the region into Y axis upon column drop down, but the X axis column selection is not available instead it simply assigns value from 0 to 10.

or any alternate option for histogram is highly appreciated.