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Nested Cursors in Data Grid

Here is the problem we’ve run into:

If you run a select statement with a nested cursor, something like

cursor (select ‘Zeph’ from dual)
dba_objects da;

The column containing the cursor executes the ‘open cursor’ for every row (never closing them). Our open_cursors parameter in oracle is set to 1000, so when this result set gets very close to 1000, it blows up giving the ‘ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded.’ error.

Running the same SQL via SQL*Plus would work just fine, because it doesn’t automatically open the nested cursor (leaving it open). Also, our Java team (correctly) closes the nested cursor after they fetch from it each time.

Is there a setting in TOAD to basically ‘open’ these on-demand?

TOAD version here… Any help is appreciated!