network utilities sorted, but not....

This caused some major confusion for a minute… x64 beta, Options, Network Utilities…

My FTP hosts… It looks like it is initially sorted on Default FTP directory. Not optimal, but whatever. Everything seems fairly normal. I’m going in to change my passwords on a few of servers. They out of order by server name, so I click
on the Host column. They resort. So far so good. However, when I click on any host to edit, it’s brings up the wrong host. It took a little trial and error to figure out that when I sorted it redisplayed them sorted, but it’s still selecting them in the original
order. If I cancel and reopen then all is well, except of course they aren’t sorted.

#1, please fix it.

#2, why doesn’t it remember the sort I last used? Can that be set somewhere?

#3, If I can’t control the sort, shouldn’t the default be host name? That seems more logical.

Chris Johnson

IT Systems Analyst

Distribution Logistics