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Session Browser - Sorting is incorrect


Morning All,

I’m in the Session Browser in Toad and I’ve noticed that on the bottom half of the screen, on the Session tab, the SID and LAST_CALL_ET columns sort as text rather than as numerics.

Not a major problem, I admit, but today I was attempting to trace the most recently running sessions (there were 54 potential candidates) and the last_call_et sort order flummoxed me in my attempt.

I ended up just tracing them all, and filtering out the trace files I didn’t need. :wink:

Loving the new style ToadWorld, but I notice all my blogs have gone. :frowning:

Norm. [TeamT]


Hey Norm! I was able to find some - not sure if it’s all of them or not, but I found them by going to the main Toad World page and clicking on ‘Blogs’ and then searching by your name.


Thanks Norm. Sorting for those columns (and AUDSID too) are numeric in the next beta.


Thanks Dennis, it seems that it’s only the links that are “broken” then. They are indeed still there.

Norm. [TeamT]


As ever, many thanks John.

I wasn’t sure about AUDSID, that looked ok at this end, but I’m on AIX so all bets are off regarding whether or not it’s really numeric!

Norm. [TeamT]


You’re welcome, Norm. AUDSID is a number according to dba_tab_columns.


Thanks again John, that saved me looking it up! :wink:

Norm. [TeamT]