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sort of items in project manager produces incorrectly ordered list


I'm on Toad - but this issue has been bugging me for quite a while.

In my project manager view I have an extensive set of links organized in folders and subfolders.
Whenever new files need to be added I use the 'refresh folder links' option.
Normally, this will add any new files to the bottom of the list,
so I request to have the folder's children sorted.

This sort sometimes fails to produce the correct order.
A repeated sort resolves the issue.

Still, it's strange the sort produces incorrect results on the first attempt.

Here's an example:

The file $upgrade_20161208.sql was added.
The list shown in the figure shows results after the first sort.

As you can see, the sort has moved the new file correctly after $upgrade_20161113.sql,
but at the same time the $upgrade_20160930 has been moved to an incorrect location.

Would you please give it a try and see if this reproduces on your side?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis

Hi Abe,

I just tried this and for me it’s working correctly. I had several files named like $upgrade_########.sql, as well as some with other names.

I’ll be happy to try again if you don’t mind sending me your project manager file as well as the folder with those scripts, and tell me what file name I could add to it to produce the incorrect sorting.




here’s a copy of my tpr file:

I’ll send you a zip of the directory associated with OMS\IIB_KRG_Install_scripts

If you do a refresh of the folder links, the new file #IIB_upgrade_20161231.sql will be added,
but all existing entries in the list are jumbled.

If you then perform a sort of the directories children, it will sort the entries almost correctly:
for me $install_tables.sql was sorted between dta_message_routines.sql
and dta_gen_jobs.sql. But it should have been sorted with the other $install files.

Where shall I send the zip file?

Kind regards,

Hi Abe,

Sorry, I should have mention that - email it to me:


OK, this should be fixed for next beta. As it turns out, we were not doing sorting of files of any kind when you do the refresh - just presenting them in the order that we were getting them from windows, which turns out to be usually sorted, but not guaranteed.


The issue I have is with the sorting, not with the refresh itself.

Nevertheless, if your fix resolves the issue, it’s just fine.

Kind regards,

Oh! I missed that. Will you do the refresh, so the file is in need of a sort, and then send me the .tpr file in that state? Thanks


no problem. I reverted to the exact version I sent you, then opened Toad afresh.
I opened an edit window, refreshed the folder links and got this:

I got that after exiting Toad.

Now, I’m restartingToad, I do a sort children on the directory
to get a list that’s sorted almost correctly.
($install_Tables.sql in wrong location)
A second sort results in the list being sorted ok.

Kind regards,

OK, the sort routine is fixed for next beta.


just re-ran my test. Looks ok to me. Thanks!