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New Connection - Filter on USER or DATABASE

TOAD for Oracle

I just noticed this, but can’t say when it started. On the New Connection Database Login screen, the User or Database filter isn’t there. It’s one of those things that I use when I need it, and has always been there, and so common and automatic that now I forget what it even looks like! For example, on the Database column, I could pick a drop down that would allow me to check a box on the databases that I want to come up in my list. Now there are just sort buttons. I do have a Customize button at the bottom, where I can probably enter stuff that way.

I think I must have inadvertently turned something off. Any suggestions?


When you mouse over the column header a filter button should appear at the far right. Clicking it allows you to filter based on data in the column or by something custom.



Michael has the right answer, but if I may, I also want to add that you can GROUP your database connection entries by any of the column headers.

Make sure that the Group Panel is toggled on (right-click on the connections entry grid itself and choose Appearance-> Toggle Group Panel) and then drag and drop the column/s you want to group by.

Snap below shows that my database connections are grouped by Database name… can be very helpful when navigating lots of connection entries.


Yes that’s what I was looking for. For some reason, today I see it, but two days ago i did not.

It must have been the vacation day I had yesterday!

Thanks, Gary, I’ll play with that a little. That’s helpful.