Schema filter on Menu Session->New Connection window

It would be convenient to be able to put a filter on the name of the scheme you want to connect to. Better would be a dynamic filter that updates with each character entered

Can you post a screen shot of where you are hoping to get a filter?

FYI, in the login window, you can type in the "User" (or any column) of the grid to filter and it will find matching rows as you type

If you want filter instead of find, try this:

Once you are in the login window, click on the USER column grid, then do a CTRL+F. When the "Grid Column/Data Find" dialog appears, click it to "Filter data". Then start typing in the "Value" box and the login window grid will begin to filter by what you type. Below I typed "sy" and the login window now just shows the rows with user SYS

Hi john
It's perfect. Wildcards work too!
Thank you very much for your help

You're welcome.

Also, in Toad 17.1 beta, there is a new option that set focus automatically to the grid instead of the controls on the right when the login window opens. This will allow you to just start typing after the login window opens to find the row in the grid that you are looking for.



Hi John
Expectations exceeded. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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