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Newbie - Install & Configuration


I have 5.5 running on my PC. Another staff member just installed 6.1 on theirs.

I can use the Quick Export -> Excel Instance -> Excel Instance to export data from a query.

The other PC has Quick Export greyed out or ghosted.

Two questions:

  1. How do I get the 6.1 install to allow access to this option?

  2. Note that on my 5.5 install, I stated Quick Export -> Excel Instance -> Excel Instance (two Excel instance). Why does 5.5 require two layers of Excel Instance to work? Should not this only

be one “Excel Instance” after Quick Export?



Thank you very much!

Which version do you install? ToadforSQLServer 6.1 Freeware not support the Quick Export to Excel Instance.

For version 5.5, I test it and it has two layer because the feature support three kind of quick Export to Excel Instance->Excel Instance, Excel Instance at Active Cell, Excel Instance In new Sheet. Like attachment.

We will post a new beta soon. Would you like to try next new beta? (This beta 441 will expired on 1/17/2015).