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Newbie questions


My two questions as follows:

  1. I use sql navigator in office and I have list of connections with password saved there. Can I take the connection export as its possible in sql developer and import here so that they are all set on my laptop and dont need to repeat the exercise of saving password again?
  2. I have some shortcuts created for some sql queries which I usually run. Can I also export them into a file and import on my laptop sql navigator?


Hi Brij,

SQL Navigator Profile Manager can hlep you to solve them both perfectly.

But please be aware that this operation will save and apply your other settings to the developers at the same time, not only your saving pwd or short cut for sqls, but also all the prference settings.

Steps to backup:

  • Check the version that you are using on your laptop, make sure you’ve saved the changes and settings which you want to apply to the developers.
  • Open Profile Manager by this way: Start > All Programs > Quest Software > SQL Navigator x.x > Profile Manager
  • Select “Backup User Profile”
  • Select which user profile you would like to back up in left part, and choose the directory you would like to save your profile
  • You can change backup file name in the input box above the two buttons.
  • Then click button “Backup”
  • When finish successfully, there will be a file in your directory like

Steps to apply:

  • Share this prof file to the developers, save it in their own PC
  • Ask them to open their Profile Manager by the same way
  • Select “Restore User Profile”
  • Find the directory where saved the prof file before and select the file
  • Click button “Next”
  • Select the SQLNAV version which profile you would like this backup to replace
  • Click buton “Restore”
  • After it restore successfully, the settings are applied.

I believe when they open SQLNavigator again, will see the changes.

Hope it works for you, please let us know how you go.