SQL Navigator 6.7 Command line options

Hi all.

Apologies if this has been asked already, my own search didn’t return anything.

I am using SQL Navigator 6.7 and I’m looking for a way to distribute to all the users of the system in my company, a standardised preferences file.

The method we’d prefer is to do it via a command line call. That way, our IT support crew can do it as a login script each time the user logs on to their machine.

Is there a list of command line options available for 6.7 (if it even exists) and some instructions on usage?



Hi Greg,

No worries at all, we do have this request before, I found SQLNAV-949 is for it already.

However our team is busy with 7.1 for 64 bit working currently, we didn’t target this one in the next release. Hope to get your understanding , thanks.

Back to your situation, we recommend that you can use profile manager to backup one standard profile, and restore it to each machine which need be used.

Any issue please feel free to let us know, thanks.

Best regards,


Hi Shirly.

Apologies not sure I understand. Do you mean SQLNAV-949 will be creating a resource (a web page or other documentation) with the command line information?

Also, for the profile manager, what information does it back up?

And is there a list of command line calls I can reference for the Profile Manager?

We need command line information as physically going to each machine to manually interact with the installed program would take too long.



Hi Greg,

SQLNAV-949 is the issue number which we use to log this ER.

The profile manager back up user settings and data of SQL Navigator including options in Preferences, UI layouts, Project data and connections etc.

We don’t have a list of command lines yet until we implement this ER. Currently profile manager only allow users to manually backup and restore user profile of SQL Navigator.