No able to drop multiple views, synonyms, sequences ... only tables

Before toad version user were able to select and drop multiple object not just tables. Please bring this back.

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If you're speaking about the Schema Browser, then it still gives users the ability to Shift-Click/ Ctl-Click to highlight multiple objects on the left-hand side, where you can right-click and perform a number of operations, including DROP.

Same is true of the Object Palette.

Otherwise, in which panel/window are you not able to do this?

In Schema Browser. If you only select one view/sequence... you get drop not if you multi-select.

This works fine for me, and same for sequences. Which version of Toad are you using? Can you post a screen shot?

This is what I get. Works fine in older versions.

That's a bug. Look at the popup menu - it says "Filter tables". That's the table popup menu, not the view popup menu.

Please let me know your steps to get this (specifically, what did you do with tables before you got to views)?

To work around it -
Select 1 view.
Right-click to make sure the popup menu is for views.
Then select multiple views and try again.

I think this is fixed in 16.3 but I won't know for sure until I can reproduce it in 16.2.

I am able to reproduce some buggy behavior in 16.2. I am seeing something similar but a little different.

I think this is fixed for 16.3.

Please get the 16.3 beta and try it there.

You can get it here

I see you typing. I am still interested in the steps to reproduce this if you have them.


It works if the browser style is tabbed but not for treeview

Yes, I saw that in your screen shot but still wasn't able to reproduce the problem exactly.

For me, version 16.3 is working well.