Schema Browser Drop function is not working

I'm using Toad for Oracle Base Edition.

When using the Schema Browser to Drop objects, they are removed from the Schema Browser, but when I refresh the Schema Browser they re-appear and clearly they have not been dropped.

If (in the same schema) I execute a drop statement in the Editor window, the objects are dropped as expected.

Any idea what is going on here?

No, but you can use Main Menu -> Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen to see all of the SQL that Toad is executing along with any errors returned. That should help you diagnose it.

Please let us know what you find. I haven't noticed any problems in dropping objects from the SB but if there is an issue I'd like to fix it.

I select the view in the Schema Browser, then either click on the Drop Selected Views toolbar button or choose the Drop context option.

A Confirmation pop-up window appears and I choose Yes. In the Spool SQL SQL area I see only the following appear after my session details and timestamp:

select 'Test connection' from dual;

The view has disappeared from the Schema Browser window, but re-appears when I refresh all objects.

I have been using Toad Professional and DBA versions for 30 years and have never come across this issue. I'm also having another issue related to Toad's strange inability to run the editor window as a script (separate post). Something strange is going on with this new install of Toad Base Edition for which I'm currently using a Trial license.

It sounds related to the problem you posted about not being able to run scripts in the Editor, because when you drop an object from the SB, we use the same script engine.

Further, it seems that the script engine is not returning an error (why not, I am not sure). So the Schema Browser removes the object from the list. It returns on refresh because we apparently aren't running the script.

Thanks, I'll reply to the other issue I'm having.