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Not able to drag file into editor (v13.0) from Perforce Editor anymore



I can drag from Windows Explorer but can no longer drag a file into the Toad editor from Perforce. This works in previous versions of Toad, and works with my older version 11 installed on the same machine.

When you drag the file to the editor, a file location string gets placed at the point of drag-n-drop, formatted like:

Is this still supported?



Are you using Helix Visual Client (P4V)? If not, which product/version? I’ll try to acquire it here and test.


Hello mstaszew,

I was using an older P4 Visual Client (2015.2). Windows 7 64 if that makes any difference.



I’m not able to reproduce this with the 2010 and 2018 client. I don’t have the 2015 client accessible and don’t see older versions available for download on their site. Only relevant info I could find online was this post on SuperUser, but this wouldn’t explain Toad 11 working fine on the same machine where 13.0 is failing.