Not all files reloaded after hang and cancel of Toad session


since my Toad was hanging, I cancelled the session.

Upon restart I was offered a list of files/sessions to be reloaded.

The list was incomplete. I had an unnamed editor tab with a test script.

I think the test script had remained unchanged after the prior reload (I had more than 1 hang today)

Could it be that the tab was not marked as changed, hence not saved and therefore not offered on the reload selection screen?

May be the issue can be resolved by marking all editor tabs as ‘changed’ if they had that status before Toad was cancelled?

Also I’ve noticed that whenever a file is reloaded after a hang, the logical connection between the editor window and the file defiinition in the project view is lost.

Could it be the two issues interrelate?

Would be nice of these two issues could be fixed.

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis.