Tab actions on Modified Files


In previous version of TOAD and even TOAD Beta, when I modified a file that was loaded in a tab OUTSIDE of TOAD, the application would conveniently show the fact that the file has been modified. That still seems to be the case.

However, the latest beta release no longer offers the "reload" menu option when right-clicking on the tab. Has that been replaced or done away with?

I found it very useful. Please advise.

After we added that feature, we discovered that the Editor already has "reload" buttons on the toolbar (they were admittedly easy to miss among all the Editor's toolbar buttons).

They have been moved to a more obvious place and given more obvious icons. Additionally, they now have dropdown menus that you can use to reload all modified tabs at once (instead of having to go from tab to tab)


If you don't see these buttons, right-click on the editor toolbar and choose "Restore toolbar defaults"


Excellent. Appreciate the fast response.

Thank you.