Obeying tab order


Currently Toad cycles through the tabs in the order they were originally opened. Is it possible to have Toad obey the order of tabs if I move them around? This used to be the case, but somehow seems to have been lost.

It strikes me as strange that the tabs can be re-odered – an extremely useful functionality – but Toad doesn’t follow the new order.

  • KJ

Sounds reasonable, I’ve created CR108464 to see what we can do here.

Thanks for the post.

Thanks! I do enjoy the quick Ctrl-Tab switching between the two most recently used tabs, so don’t get rid of that please! But to have the “longer” Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl-Shift-Tab (or in my case, Ctrl-PageUp/PageDn) switch tabs in the order I’ve set them up would be absolutely wonderful.

BTW, this alone would differentiate Toad from the perpetual tab disaster in Management Studio (thanks to VS) and therefore all other packages that use MS’ plugin interface.

Finally, getting execute-current-statement that respects semicolons (CR107807) would seal the deal for Toad in my organization, anyway.

  • KJ

That was implemented with Ctrl+Alt+PageUp|PageDown hotkeys. Try it in the next beta drop.

Thanks SO much, looking forward to it!

We would like to let you know that execute-current-statement that respects semicolons is also implemented. Moreover it now works even without semicolons or line breaks. It will be available in nearest beta drop as well.
Thank you for taking part in this beta.

Thank you! Please see the main thread for follow-up ideas.



Custom tab ordering appears to be working swell in beta. It is literally a cathartic experience after coming from Toad for MySQL, SQL Browser, MSSMS, etc. Great work right there, thanks!

Follow-up request: would it be possible to obey the tab-ordering upon the closing of tabs? For example, if I close a tab I would like the next tab to the left to be selected.

Currently, Toad jumps to the tab created prior to the one I just closed. That may not be the neighboring tab. If I’ve reordered the tabs this gets rather confusing, and has in fact caused me to not save a tab by mistake, thinking I was looking at the one next to the one I had just closed.

  • KJ

I’ve created CR109661 to see what we can do in the next release.

Much obliged, thanks!

Apologies, I forgot to mention a similar functionality: the ability to specify opening up new tabs to the right of the current one. The idea is that often I like to open up another tab for a quick test in a new session and then close it, returning to the original tab.

But we are well into actual new features so I’ll understand if this is pushed off!

  • KJ

I’ve noticed that if I am using more than one vertical tab group that each group will have one highlighted “active” tab. This causes rather great confusion when closing tabs, particularly when Toad asks me whether I want to save the contents of a tab (“Wait, which one is Toad asking me about now?”).

This is related to the out-of-order tab closing request above, so I thought I’d mention it in the same thread.

Thanks as always for your time and consideration.

  • KJ