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Toad for SQL Server 6.6 - issues

I just recently installed version 6.6 and came across a few issues that are annoying.

  1. In the old version, the entire tab header for each document took on the color linked to whatever connection it was attached to. Now just a tiny cirlce shows that color. Far better and noticeable the other way.

  2. The “Show windows” drop down arrow only shows all of the windows that are open when you are in the furthest right window otherwise clicking it displays the same menu as right-clicking the tab header.

  3. In the old version I could drag tabs to reorder them beyond the windows that appear on the screen. Ex. If I had 15 documents open with 1 being the left most and 15 being the right most. I could click and hold the tab of 15 and drag it completely over until it was in the far left most position. Now, I am limited in rearranging tabs to those that I can view on the screen. So if I wanted to move 15 to 1 and I can only see 12-15, I have to drag 15 to 12, use the arrows to expose more windows to the left and then drag again and repeat. Truly annoying.

Are there settings that I am not seeing to return these to the old manner of functioning?

If not, I hope this is a work in progress as I may have to decide to stay with the old version.