Azure (Cannot view all database data in Object Explorer) Active Directory Password Authentication TDP 5.6

I have several posts on here struggling to get Toad Data Point to get along with Azure SQL Database and Synapse (formerly Data Warehouse). I have tried numerous things only to get things passable, but not what I would call working smoothly. I will detail them all.

  1. First and most pressing issue is I cannot get the Object explorer to display the tables on one of the Azure SQL Databases. I have similar databases on this server that I can, one I cannnot as I do not have access to it (makes sense). I have a login, I have been assigned the db_owner role, but I cannot see the tables in the object explorer. I can see the views, but not tables. I can see them in SQL Server Management Studio. What is the deal? What am I missing?

  2. I can only switch databases if I use the 'Active Directory Password Authentication' or SQL Authentication. I do not want to use SQL Authentication as that is reserved for an admin user and that is not apropriate.

  3. Swithing from one database to another is problematic and buggy. I can sometimes switch at will between databases, but often if I spend more than about 2 minutes working in one database, Toad kind of fixates on that database and I cannot switch to another database without reconnecting to the database anew and then I am able to switch again.

This behavior is silly and it really needs to be addressed. This has gone on for several years on points 2 and 3, and I can see a post on point 1 that I posted years ago, and somehow got it resolved on the database I was working, on, but it is here on another one.

Gotta ask before next steps here, so just to confirm,

  • Had you already granted the View Definition priv, and installed the AD Auth Lib, per release notes excerpts below?
  • Do these issues continue in the latest release (5.7)?

If so on both, wondering then if you have called Quest Support?
Regardless, I can forward your post to our Product Management team to draw closer attention to your issues.