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Objects not visible in Toad but visible in SQL Developer


Hi Experts,

I am new with Toad and trying to understand why I cannot see the DB objects in Toad for Oracle while they are visible in SQL developer for same user.

I would appreciate your support

Thank you


Sorry for the delay in answering…we all had a week off for Christmas.

Can you be more specific? What kinds of objects? And where in Toad are you looking for them?



Thanks John,

Happy New Year (I’m in Australia so we are well in 2019)

I can’t see tables and views in Toad for Oracle, whereas in SQL Developer with the same credentials I can.
I am new into this environment so I am trying to make sense. Would there be restrictions imposed on Toad ? I am not a dba, but a user with admin privileges on the UI to the database.



There shouldn’t be any limitations. I am guessing that you are looking in the schema browser? Maybe you have a filter set. If the circled icon is red, click the dropdown arrow that is next to it and choose “Clear filter for tables”.

Also, you can click from the main menu - Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to screen. That will show you all of the queries that Toad runs in the background. You can check that, then open the schema browser, or whatever window you are looking for tables in, and that might give you a hint of what the problem is.

It might be that SQL Developer is using the DBA_ views (such as DBA_TABLES, DBA_VIEWS, etc) and Toad is using ALL_TABLES, ALL_VIEWS, etc…but Toad should be using the DBA ones if you have privileges on them.