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Object Pallet in the Query Builder is empty


I’ve upgraded from 11 to 11.6 and am not sure why the Obkect Palette is empty.

If I start with an empty Query Builder shouldn’t I be able see all the object in my current connected db?

I’m sure that I previously did.



corey, did you ever receive a response ot this question? I am having that same issue today!!


If you turn on Spool SQL (Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to screen), do you see any query begin executed as the OP opens or as you change from one schema to another in the OP? If so, and you run this query in the Editor, does it show any results? I can’t think of a reason why the OP would suddenly stop showing objects, unless you are connected to a schema that doesn’t have any…


We have over two hundered tables. I can see all of the tables and can view them within the Schema browser as well. I just like the object pallet and it is showing 0


OK, what about spool sql?