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Toad 12.6 Object Palette is blank. The Schema browser is not populated

Hello. I’ve turned something off. I use to be able to see the schema browse in the object palette. If I click on Database --> Schema Browser I see the tables. Can you tell me what I need to do to see the tables/ column information in the Object Palette?

I work for a large company and do not have access to change any profiles.

It sounds like you accidentally hid the right hand side of the Schema Browser. Hit F12 to bring it back.

Or, if you want to see the columns in the object palette, hover over the toolbar buttons in the object palette…look for the one that says “show columns” and click it.

I did something less than wise that’s for sure. When I hit pf12 I see the schema browser on the left but the object palette is still blank. I see the table count at the bottom with my schema name. I can’t seem to populate the object palette. UGH.

would you mind posting a screen shot just so I’m clear what the problem is? The object palette should never be completely blank. And Schema Browser and object palette should work independently. Maybe you set a filter on object palette?

I want to see the table information in the Object Palette. When I PF12 I toggle the middle information on and off not fill in the object palette.

Sorry - new to Toad so I may be using incorrect terminology.

It looks like you posted a screenshot but I just see an icon. Will you email it?


I sent a screen shot and am hoping you received it. Any update?

I never got it. Looks like my spam filter caught it. I’ll reply to your email.