Object Pallet is blank

Hello everyone

I don’t know what I did but now whenever I decide to view the object palette, there is nothing in there

and I can’t find anything that is obvious to help to restore to previous setting where you will see tables/views in different schemas

Any help is appreciate


Do you have a filter set? If the highlighted button in the screenshot is a red funnel then you have a filter set that may be limiting what you see. If so, click it and choose Clear at the top-right to clear your filter. If the funnel is grey as in my pic then you have no filter set and something else is going on. If no filter is set you can enable SQL spooling from the Database|Spool SQL menu, spool to screen. Set focus to the Object Palette and hit F5 to refresh. Run the queries you see in spool SQL in the Editor and see if you get results.



This happens to me any time I’ve got my window laid out for 1/2 (vertical split) of a 4K screen, then later open Toad on my 13" laptop screen. The object palette control can’t handle a change in resolution gracefully, so the split bar gets lost. If you can’t choose a table, you’ll never see any columns. The only thing I’ve been able to do is undock the palette, make the window as large as possible vertically, and hope I can adequately expose the bar so I can pull it down. After I pull it down I can re-dock the control and everything is back to normal.

Try this:

  1. In Toad, go to Options -> General.
  2. click the “Open Folder” button. This will launch a Windows Explorer window.
  3. Close Toad.
  4. In the Windows Explorer window, go into the User Files folder.
  5. Open the Toad.ini file with Notepad.
  6. Remove this line: TObjPaletteFrame_coords=
  7. Find the [Object Palette] section and remove all lines in that section.
  8. Save and close Toad.ini.
  9. Restart Toad

Yes!!! You just saved my life! For weeks, I had to live without an empty object palette, now it shows tables and columns again!
Thank you!