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Object Pallete > Synonymns > Viewer > Relationships


I see sometimes the Relationships tab is available, other times it’s not. When pointing to a table or view, said table or view can be found on the Relationships tab.

This seems to be the only way to resolve a Synonymn and to send to the Query Builder.

Is there a way to directly use a Synonymn in the query builder so I don’t have to rely on the Relationships tab?



What RDBMS you are using? Let’s suppose the answer is Oracle.
In version 2.0 (available through the beta program), you can select a synonym in the object palette and send it to the Query builder, if it is a synonym to a table, a view or a materialized view.

In version 1.1, you can only do it through the Relationship tab of the Database Explorer, as you have discovered. Currently we don’t show the Relationship tab of the Database Explorer if the synonym points to a view and I will write an enhancement request for that.



Thanks :slight_smile: