Object Type LHS drop down won't work on extra monitors

I have a laptop that has two external monitors connected to, the laptop lid is closed so windows only registers the 2 externals. I have them set up that monitor 1 is on the right side and monitor 2 is the left. Monitor 2 is my main display.

If I have toad open on Monitor 2 maximized the 3 LHS drop downs work as expected. If I move toad over to Monitor 1 maximized the 1st and 3rd drop downs work but the second that list the types of objects like Tables, etc will not expand. The down arrow depresses like expected but it doesn't actually expand. If I take it out of maximized view the drop downs work as expected.

Not sure if this matters but I am running the Carbon color scheme, it seems to behave the same regardless of color scheme

Which Toad version is this? If you have 16.1, can you try it in beta? I think this was fixed recently in beta. We fixed something similar anyway. I think it will cover your situation also.

I am using, I will pull down the beta and try it. Thank you

Confirmed the Beta does address the issue, thank you all very much

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