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Dual Displays with v12.1

There’s got to be ways to make using dual displays less painful. Windows is a factor in a lot of what I see I’m sure. I’d like to discuss these. I’m on W7 and no idea if it’s been fixed in W8/8.1. Possibly they belong at the Idea Pond. It boggles my mind this hasn’t been fixed prior.

  1. With two displays, it just makes total sense to me to have Toad span both. One side for code and the other for the data grid and related tabs. Windows gets evil and after waking from sleep, and even sometimes just unlocking the system, it resizes the window to fit whichever display it feels like (usually the one with the taskbar). It would be nice if Toad put itself back to where it was after verifying that all the known monitors are still where they were. Maybe Windows doesn’t even have an event for that.
  2. With dual displays, the (new) file dialogs and a few others pop up straddling the middle. This is sub-optimal. Reverting to the old version is also.
  3. I’ve got quite a lot of space to work with using both yet the Window Bar will not shrink. In testing it, I had it open as a windoid, unchecked it after right-clicking and Toad took that to mean destroy vs don’t show. I’ve created a new toolbar and that type of object is not available. Do I have to start all over again with a reset to defaults? Sure looks that way and if so, should be fixed. Found it and am quite puzzled why I have to right click the menubar vs the toolbar as I’d removed it using the toolbar. Ah. I see you’ve classed it separately but from a user view, it’s all the same. (“Toolbar” := !Menubar) It’s unusable without it as I see no other way to close windows.
  4. Current Schema Dropdown menu (selection list only) often appears on the wrong display from where it lives.
    And unrelated to Dual Displays, hide options that are not licensed. My pro version doesn’t do DBA (IIRC). There’s already an overload of them and no sense in making it that much more cluttered.


picture, picture picture…


Hey Bill,

I use Toad with two displays all the time. One of those displays is my open laptop and another a separate monitor. While I don’t usually span Toad across monitors, I do like to pin Toad to a specific one. This and most of what it seems like you’re looking for would be functions of the window manager (or what ever that’s called) in Windows.

One way to do at least some of what your trying to do with managing Toad layout is with a multiple monitor manager. I’ve heard good things about UltraView, but I opted for DisplayFusion from Binary Fortress at 1/4th the price. There’s also a free version that includes a trial of the pro features, which might be a good place to start.



Thanks. Rich. I’ll see if the State can afford to buy something to make Windows do what it should out of the box. It appears DF free version might do it. I’m not really a fan of adding code like that though because it just over complicates and possibly breaks the computer. However, I could not live without WizMouse (again, what the hell was MS thinking!?!)

Damir, you want pictures of all? Ok. Will do soon.

As to item 2, it should have said spanning the gap between displays (as in not very readable).

I can reproduce #4 when I place the window that owns the schema drop-down so it is half one monitor, half on the other. That’s the only time I can reproduce it and I should be able to fix that scenario. If it happens for you in some other scenario please let me know the details. thanks.

Hey Bill,

Getting a little off-topic here, but DisplayFusion (at least the paid edition, unsure about free) has an option to allow the mouse wheel to scroll unfocused windows (Settings->Window Management). One of those features I was so used to in Linux window managers like Enlightenment that I didn’t even realize I was using it…


Finally got the bug (presumably) to come up with the schema dropdown. It's attached but will likely be impossible to view without opening outside this window. I hadn't seen it for eons then got it last night and again this morning. It seems to happen just after Toad gets resized to display 3 which is set to the main display (rightmost). I do not know what leads to whether it is shrunken to #2 or #3. Toad is never placed on display 1 which is the one with my dive trip #-). The latter are lined up side by side.

As to DisplayFusion, I'm not sure I can use it free. I have yet to find if we qualify as I presume we do. At least there's hope. And that feature of scrolling unfocused is why WizMouse is mandatory on my system.

(As you can see in the prior post, the dropdown itself is not spanning the displays as was mentioned)

This image may point out how the new dialog sits on the display division (item 2) . Hopefully the background image shows the line between displays well. (I messed up the crop a bit but it seems clear to me.) Did I miss anything else?

Hey Bill,

The new dialog was set to center on the main form, and I can see how that would be an issue when you have Toad maximized across multiple displays. I’ll get that fixed for next week’s beta.



As always, picture says more than 1000 words…