ODBC Connection - Fetch rows in data tab

Hi There,
I’m facing a big problem when connecting to DB2 via ODBC.
When viewing a table in the database browser all the rows from that table are fecthed, complitely ignoring the “Number of rows to initially fetch in data tab”.

Any idea?


Yes, I can reproduce the issue and I will write a bug report for this.

I seem to be getting the same problem with Toad Data Point 3.6 and Vertica ODBC database. Was this bug fixed in a prior release and somehow came back in 3.6?

I just checked the TDP 3.6 release and it works okay when using ODBC with Oracle and SQL Server. But not with Vertica. I will enter an issue for this. Our issue tracker is down for power outage right now, So will have to do this on monday.