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Old bug in data compare


We’re still on 9.6 and I can’t download the beta or a newer version here at work
– in some ways, we’re more locked down than Norm.

But I just had a surprise. I was trying to compare data between the same table
on two instances, using a DB link. And because the tables included a CLOB
column, I got an access violation.

I wasn’t going to try to compare the CLOBs anyway. But Toad died when it was
populating the column list, before I even had the chance to uncheck those
columns. Looks like the only way to do this with my version is to build a view
that doesn’t include the CLOB on the remote instance, so that’s what I’ll do.

Database is 11.1, client is 11.1, I can repeat and generate a support bundle if
there’s any need.

I can live with this until our powers-that-be decide to release a newer release.
No significant business problem, no support required.

But I wanted to report it on the oft-chance that it might not have been
discovered and fixed in the intervening versions.

So somebody who has rights to a current version or the beta should test a data
compare across a DB link when the tables contain a CLOB. See if you can select
non-CLOB columns and compare data from them.

– jim

James F. Hudson

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Madison, WI

(608) 267-0840


Thanks James, I did not know about it. It will be fixed in the next beta.