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Single Data Compare with no DB Link


I found that data compare in this beta or even normal release do not compare without DB link , not like multi table compare.

But single compare give more control and easy (no need to go to excel) ,
and many times i want to compare between dev and prod and of course no DB link.


I can't tell if you have a question or not. Data compare works without a DB Link. The link helps, but it is optional.

If there is no DB Link, Toad pulls the data from both sources and compares it row by row. This can require a lot of memory for large datasets, but it should work. And if LOBs are involved, it can be quite slow (depending on differences found and the size of your LOBs), but I just made a change to next beta so it should be faster.


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But always single table compare between 2 tables in different toad sessions do not work always give error.

But 2 tables in sama session works.


Hm, that should not happen.

Please turn on spool SQL (Main Menu -> Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool To Screen).

Then make the error happen.

Then email the spool sql output to me.

Also if you could send me a script to create the tables (no data, just the tables) that may help too.



Table does not exist

email sent

it seems it checks from dba table but the user is not dba and the user owns the table

Ah. Ok thanks I will fix that soon