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One or more packages have not been loaded ....


Another bug, in, provides the above error whenever I start it …


Error: One or more packages have not been loaded…

This problem occurs if you have installed a system package that refers to another system package that you have not installed. Example: I didn’t install support for MySQL (system packages for this db were not loaded). However, later I attempt to convert my Oracle db to MySQL. In this case, particular system package is not found and this message occurs.

If you have a look at the Log area, you will see name of the particular package that is missing.
Please check out if you installed support for the db to which the package refers.

Please let us know the result. Thanks.



Note: I point at another thread below that may be related with this one:


I just installed version and selected SQL Server 2008 package.
When I first ran, I specified SQL Server 2008 model.
Yet it still reported various packages not being loaded.
If I attempted to edit the entity, it reported access violation at address 0076E04A.
What a software!


I reinstalled it, this time included all SQL Server packages. It started with no problems.



Thanks for your bug notification and workaround for other users!

Let me add some information:
Generally, the basic support is in package MS SQL Server. If you select MS SQL Server 2008 during the installation, item MS SQL Server will be selected automatically too. No problem should occur then.

In any case, thanks to your notification we found a bug for the support of MS SQL 2008. Although items MS SQL Server and MS SQL 2008 are selected for the installation, the error occurs. -> Some packages haven’t been loaded properly.
We will fix this problem for next version. Thanks a lot. CR 74 390.

Workaround: Please select all MS SQL Server versions during the installation. Thank you.

Budi, thanks again.


Vladka + TDM Team