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one small issue in TOAD

in the session browser there is a filter setting named
“last call > 10 min” .
The filter works the other way round, session with calls BELOW that limit are listed (the most busy ones) which means that the name should be "last call

best regards Hans Hauer, vienna

btw. if you install TOAD11 and decide to migrate your user files, TOAD11 AND older versions of TOAD like 10.6 will refuse to work until you reboot (at least on my machine).

It seems to be working correctly here. The LAST_CALL_ET column shows how long
(in seconds) it has been since the last query execution.

When I set the filter to “Last call > 10 min”, I see only rows in
the session browser that have a last_call_et greater than 600.

If the filter is not the way it makes sense to you (or maybe it has been
changed), you can change it like this:

Click the ‘…’ button next to the filter.

In the dialog that appears, click “Last call > 10 min”

Change the filter expression and click OK.