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Toad 12.8 Question - Sessions Browser


Since Toad 12.8 has been released, the “filters for sessions” tab on the session browser has been removed, and the filters are now available from the “Filters button”.

However, I miss the display of the current filter, that was immediately visible when looking at the “filter” poplist, in Toad 12.7.

I mean : now when a filter like “STATUS - ACTIVE” is selected, nothing can show it to me.

So, I’m lured into believing I have currently 20 sessions on my database, whereas those are only 20 “active” ones and the real figure is 121 sessions.
Formerly I could see immediately the value of the filter “STATUS - ACTIVE” and know I had to change its value, in order to get the correct display of the sessions and avoid a mistake. Now, I’m blind !

Of course, the shape of the button is “red” when a filter is active, but :

  • I don’t know which one it is at first glance

  • since I’m permanently using “Exclude NULL and SYSTEM OS users”, the button is permanently red, whatever the value for session status is (even for "< none > ").

So, it there a way to get back the old Look & Feel of this feature ?

Or at least, keep the current way of selecting the status, but add a display of its current value ?


PS : same remarks for the refresh / refresh interval

Sorry, there is no way to change it back to the way it was. These changes were made in attempt to de-clutter the Session Browser’s toolbar, and combine some things that could be logically combined. If we receive a lot of comments like this, we’ll change it back though.


I’m totaly agree with Etienne, please back to old session browser’s toolbar !! it’s a very important feature in toad so this is not a good idea to change it so brutally !

PS: same remarks as Etienne, the auto-refresh is very irritating and make debugging very difficult !



I upgraded Toad this morning … and first thing I noticed was the change on the session browser, very annoying.

Please bring functionality back !


I had other issues with code formatting >> I downgrade … sorry.

But please consider bringing back the filter dropdown for session browser, an important part of the session browser is the possibility to quickly filter sessions based on their status and instantly know (i.e. without clicking anywhere, just looking at a given place) which filter is active.

OK, I’ll change the Session Browser back to how it was.


I’m totaly agree with Etienne !! And the most irritating is the automatic refresh that makes it pratically unusable !! why have you removed the checkbox button ?

When i have many session i must scroll quickly to see informations !! because 2 sec after it scroll up again automaticaly… and it’s very very irritating. This morning i have database problem and i can’t help my users…i was forced back to another pc whichone have 12.1 of Toad.

The session browser was very good before please come back to it :wink:

If you don’t like automatic refresh, then turn it off.

I didn’t get rid of any feature - I just moved some controls. The refresh settings on the drop-down under the refresh button. The filter settings are on the dropdown under the filter button.

We’ve already changed it back in the beta.