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Opening a file without a DB connection

After many years away from TOAD we are coming back, so I am trying to learn how to do in TOAD what I have been doing in another app.

we have TOAD 12.7

so I fire TOAD up and cannot then open a file - the File menu options are all greyed out, and while drag and drop appears to be working (the cursor changes as I drag the file over TOAD) but the file isn’t opened when I drop it on TOAD.

This seems like such a basic operation, so I must be doing something wrong, but what?

thank you

If you open an Editor window, then the options should be available to open a file.

Try resetting your User Settings.

The steps are demonstrated in this video.

The File / Editor menu option didn’t allow me to open an Editor window, but Database / Editor did.

Thank you, your suggestion got me poking around.

This is going to be a painful process from what I see so far.

Fortunately, this forum answers questions quickly.

Good to hear we could help.